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The top 5 essential travel items!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Hi everyone!

I hope that you enjoy reading our blog on what we are up to – thanks J for starting proceedings! Let’s see how long this lasts 😉 We will do our best anyway.

I thought that those of you following this may be interested in having a laugh and hearing us on the radio talking about a survey that we ran on WAYN whereby 7,400 of our users told us what they regard as their most eseential travel items!

The results were quite interesting in fact highlighting our need for technology, with the top 5 essential items being:

5: GPS device (good job we are location focused!) 😉
4: Camera (dont forget to add your pics to WAYN when your’e there or when you get back)
3: Laptop (really useful on the beach!)
2: MP3 Player (to drown out the sound of your kids, if you have some perhaps?)
1: Mobile phone (so you can keep your friends updated on where you are and where you’re going next!) :)

The results led to national news coverage on all the major regional radio stations, as it coincided with the busiest day of the year for travel (according to the leading UK airports), being 25th July.

So for those of you that fancy a laugh and a giggle and want to hear our voices on the radio and find out what items we’d rather leave behind and take on holiday, and more interestingly, what some of you also thought were essential items (there are some funny ones in there!!), then check out the link below:

Cheers, and safe travels!


Our Global Warming campaign

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008


I have just added a new video on one of our favourite activities when it comes to our Corporate Social Responsibility programme – we started our CSR programme a while back but then decided that it would work much better by actually asking the members themselves what initiatives they wanted us to get behind – so we did exactly that, and without too many surprises, Global Warming came at the top – so the idea of the campaign was to provide a platform where users can not only watch our video message but most essentially, commit to up to 12 pledges that are very simple to follow – and underlining the point that small steps can actually make a difference without meaning significant changes in our daily life. You can see our Global Warming initiative page here 

The campaign saw a big success with over 2 million unique visitors and over 680,000 pledges made to date. You can actually add the “Pledges Box” as a new element / widget to your profile by visiting the content selection on WAYN which you can access here. 

Thanks again to all those of you who have participated in this campaign!


Our First Blog

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

We have finally got round it – our first blog! now the challenge will clearly be to keep this up to date on an ongoing basis! So I will start by introducing myself, my name is Jerome Touze and I am one of the Co Founder and co CEO of – WAYN stands for Where Are You Now? and is a travel and lifestyle community with over 13.5 million users worldwide and over 7.5 million uniques in the UK and Poland.

The aim for this blog will be to provide regular updates on what we are up to, our latest services launched and our views on where things will go over time. Hopefully, a platform for you to engage with us and share your views on the things you like and the things you do not like which will allow us to clearly improve the service on an ongoing basis!

Speak soon!