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WAYN Founders nominated for Best European Start Up Founders Award

Monday, June 29th, 2009


Hi everyone, we are pleased to be part of the nomination list for the TechCrunch Europe Awards which will, on July 9, hold the first Europe-wide awards ceremony for technology innovation. “The Europas. The ceremony will host the top tech companies and startups on both web and mobile across Europe.

We are clearly very proud and priviledged to be recognised on the nominated list and would appreciate your vote! :)

To vote, here is the link:

Thanks for your time and congrats to all our colleagues who have made it to the list: list below for reference:


WAYN Party, VIP and Diski Dancing!…

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Good day folks!

The WAYN Party which took place in London at the Kensington Roof Gardens on Friday 22nd May Bank Holiday Weekend, proved to be a smash, with the venue reaching capacity by 9:30pm! It proved a great opportunity for those members and friends of WAYN to meet up in person, in many cases for the first time, and also, perhaps more interestingly, meet other like-minded people in the neighbourhood. A few lucky punters won some Champagne to share having met their matching WAYNer, and all the rest of us sucked up the good atmosphere, warm weather, exotic outdoor gardens, Spanish band and more.

To check out the WAYN Summer Party photos, click here

The event proved to be quite high profile, with attendees from the Press, including the Times and Telegraph, with a good article capturing the essense of the event in the Times Online published yesterday…

WAYN Party Coverage

Funnily enough, that’s a picture of me being Macfarlane’d by Mark, one of my mates (of all the pictures taken at the party they had to pick this one! ;)).

To read the full article, click here

WAYN Parties around the world and VIP Membership

The hope is that we can organise a lot more gatherings of this nature around the globe, giving not just members who live in, or happen to be in London, a chance to meet up and make new friends, but all members. As a first step towards this end, we are in the middle of revamping our VIP offering, to make it a lot more valuable for our members, combining a mixture of tangible online and offline benefits that will give members the opportunity to obtain VIP access to a selected number of nightclubs around the world and hopefully some free cocktails on arrival. It will also provide them with a variety of lifestyle and travel tools to benefit from when abroad, whilst also giving them a selection of valuable online tools to help members stand out from the crowd, express themselves in more ways, and interact with more tools at their disposal. We also hope to give such members the opportunity to organise some of the WAYN parties on the ground, wherever they are, so that they can be the first to meet and greet those members in their neck of the woods. I will update you with more on this as things progress…

Everybody’s Diski Dancing (Including the WAYN Team!) 😉

Last but not least, we’re doing a great campaign with South Africa Tourism Board, in the run up to the Rugby Lion’s Tour, which is taking place over there, where we are showcasing the infamous Diski Dance, practised by the South African Rugby players and fans around the world alike. In fact, our very own WAYN team members thought they’d have a go and show us all how it’s done! To have a laugh and get some inspiration to have a go yourself, check out the video here:

WAYN Diski Dance

Why not enter the competition to win a luxury holiday at a game lodge in South Africa and 2 tickets to the final game of the Lions Tour between the Springboks and the British and Irish Lions on July the 4th 2009? All you have to do is do your own version o fthe Diski Dance and if you’re one is jusgded to be the best – you will win! To find out more, check out the Diski Dance WAYN Profile here:


That’s all for now. I’m off to the Founders Forum this evening to meet other entrepeneurs that have set up their own businesses to discuss some of the latest trends and happenings in the market and entrepreneurship world, which should be fun! Will fill you in more on what’s happening in WAYN’s world shortly.


WAYN Users say YES to the new WAYN Design

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Hi everyone, I thought you would like to know that following a recent survey conducted on WAYN about the new design, 80% of the 5,500 users who participated in this global survey said they thought the site was now a lot easier to use whilst only 4% disliked the new changes – 2189 out of the 5,500 recognished the changes as real improvements whilst 2,794 said they absolutely loved the new site. 

 You will see the full results of the survey below. It is great to see that these changes are widely supported even if we know that some users dislike some of the changes that were made. Please know that we are however still working through more and more improvements to make WAYN an even better place to be.