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What would you love to do?

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Hi folks,

Working hard here at WAYN Towers on refinements for our core offering focused on “What you would love to do?”.

It’s been interesting to see the response following the launch of our new offering, with many people using the ideas for inspiration with about 50% of our users choosing them over adding their own personalised entry. It helps to highlight the importance of providing people with a source of inspiration in the first place, particularly when it comes to travel.

share entry1

If you think about it, most of us get the idea on where to go or what to do, from others, or through some form of advertising or campaign that highlighted the idea or experience to them in the first place. Many of us are up for doing many things, but what drives us to do one thing over another can be a lot to do with having been presented with the right idea at the right time, or even by the right person.

With Twitter and particularly Facebook showing the power of this in many ways, and of course Tripadvisor when it comes to Hotel reviews; we are learning both from the best out there and of course from the feedback of our users and clients. However, despite all of the above services acting as great referral mechanisms for where to stay or which sites to check out, very few sites are providing the sources of inspiration on where to go and what to do in a highly engaging way, and the ability to connect with others and ultimately make it happen.

ideas 2

Here at WAYN, this is becoming our obsession, and along with simplifying the site around our key offerings and speeding up the service, which is something we are also working on at the moment, we will soon be introducing a wealth of new ideas for people to share with others, having received thousands of great suggestions from our members. We will also be introducing some new features to help people that share what they would love to do, to more easily connect with other like-minded people that would love to do the same thing, and make it easier for people to engage around these ideas and ultimately, turn their dreams into reality.


From a commercial perspective, this is also proving to be a win-win, as many of our clients and companies that specialise in certain activities, recognise, that the ability to target people that are interested in certain activities and doing something in relation to them, is invaluable, as in effect, what these users are saying is – “I’d love to do this one day, but haven’t made any firm plans yet”, and so innovative clients can work with us to provide some of that inspiration to them, and help them fulfill their aspirations with timely offers or ideas to engage them on where to go to experience those things in real life.

wine tastingworld cupsafari

Take South Africa for example. They have a beautiful country, rich with variety on things to do and adventures to experience, that people could be attracted to visit whether they are interested in: football and dream of going to the World Cup; enjoying some decent plonk in the relaxed ambiance of award winning vineyards; going on a safari to come face to face with Zebras, Lions or one of the other “Big 5″, or otherwise. The reality is that South Africa is likely to cater for a million and one things – it’s just that most people don’t realise what else is on offer. How many of us have a passion for skiing or snowboarding and are less concerned on where to go as much as where is there good snow right now and great nightlife in general perhaps?

I look forward to updating you on some of the specific product updates once they go live, and in the meantime, if you have any suggestions how we we can help you better realise your dreams and do what you love, drop us a line! 😉


P.S. Watch out for an announcement soon, with WAYN arriving on the iPhone and Android, coming to an app store near you…

Introducing Icon Ibiza as our new VIP partner & 27 million visits in the last 60 days!

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well! It has been a few weeks since I last posted on here and thought I would give an update on some of our latest developments!

The last month will have been a very busy one at WAYN HQ having launched a new venture ( which saw already nearly 6,000 singles joining and we have only put the site live 2 weeks ago so this is definitely a great start! If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, please do so here:

WAYN is still growing with thousands of  you joining us each day and Jan and February will have seen a record of over 27 million visits to – an astonishing number! Our latest release went live last week with our new ‘Intentions Broadcasting’ project, allowing users to share what they would love to do and meet other WAYN users who share the same interests. We are going to keep on refining the offering in the next few weeks so please watch this space! We are also about to announce our new Iphone Application which is about to go live imminently, another exciting time for us and the community :)

Finally, I thought I would also share you with that we have recently brought on a new Partner to our VIP Club:  Icon Ibiza. Icon Ibiza is offering WAYN VIP’s tailor-made solutions to suit your every Ibiza holiday need. Whether you’re interested in finding the perfect sunset villa or getting VIP access to Pacha, Icon Ibiza can help.

VIP members will receive:

  • Up to 50% off on Villas and access to the best hotels
  • Bookings at exclusive restaurants and beach resorts/clubs
  • Guest list entry / VIP access to the island’s top club nights
  • Concessions on Booking VIP tables
  • Concessions on Party Entry for guests
  • Concessions on limos, hummers and luxury airport pick-up

To celebrate the new partnership, they will give one lucky VIP member the opportunity to experience the stylish and on the go lifestyle of Ibiza – the ultimate Ibiza experience for you and a friend…

The Icon Ibiza VIP Treatment Experience will include:

– Two flights from Europe to Ibiza,
– VIP airport pick up,
– Five nights hotel (four star Hotel Garbi),
– Lunch at Nassau and Sands,
– Sunset dinner at Café Mambo,
– Club entry at Space, Pacha and Amnesia

We hope you will enjoy the benefits and for more information on Icon Ibiza, please visit their profile here:


Many thanks and safe travels!