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WAYNDating grows & WAYN Gets faster..

Monday, April 26th, 2010

WAYNDating went live on valentines day, since then we have had fantastic feedback from our members and some very positive trends with continued growth.

We launched the service as a fairly complete BETA. All the basic foundations of a good dating service were there from the outset, but as we push forward we have been tweaking and improving the service to help our users better find their matches on the site.

WAYNDating - Signups

Just this week, we have extended the functionality further with our own integrated Instant Messenger, which has been custom built to plug in to the dating site seamlessly, enabling our members to communicate in even more ways than ever before. Like most website based messengers the service is heavily founded on Ajax techniques to make it as fast and simple to use as possible. It’s early days, but so far we have had no negative feedback about the new functionality and users are continuing to recognise that the facility is available to them, even though the service was soft launched a few days ago to enable us to do some online testing and make sure it was up to scratch. No doubt we will continue to improve this as well as other functionality, whilst looking to extend the services available on the site, as it continues to grow.

WAYNDating Instant Messenger

In the meantime, my colleagues in our Dev team have been beavering away trying to implement some of the ideas that we used building WAYNDating, along with some new ones of their own to speed up the WAYN.COM website.

WAYN has grown organicly over the past 7 years from a fairly basic website into a pretty big and complete Social media platform. During this time we have made many changes tot he way the back end was built to speed up development and to make things simpler and faster to incorporate. However, as the site has grown we have found that it has sometimes not been as fast as we would have liked and with this in mind we recently put the site on a diet!

By removing unneeded elements, introducing more modern techniques and by streamlining our scripts and external resources we have already made some excellent progress in bringing down the physical sizes of many key pages on the site.

WAYN Speedup

WAYN Speedup

Version 8.4 was released in mid March, and 8.5 in early April. As you can see from the graphs above, there has been some excellent improvements already in the general loading times of pages, but with much more work to come over the coming months we hope WAYN will be one of the faster sites on the web!