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Helping others to realize their dreams and more…

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Hi folks,

Things are busy as ever here at WAYN Towers and we’re super excited about some of campaigns we have running around the world cup, and a number of new services that we have just launched!…

World Cup related campaigns on WAYN

To coincide with the largest ever sporting event ever to take place in Africa, we’ve partnered with Barclays, Western Cape and the WCA (World Changers Academy) to help you make the most of this amazing sporting festival.

Barclay’s are changing their tactics to a 4-4-2 formation having reduced their prices to trade stocks for only £4.42 per trade, when you sign up to Barclays Stockbrokers. To find out how you can benefit from this campaign, click here

Cape Town Tourism  are showcasing 6 itineraries on how to best take advantage of the Western Cape, beyond 90 minutes of football 😉 Whether you’re interested in natural beauty, the cosmopolitan vibe, outdoor active fun or more, check out this campaign which is launching later this week…

The WCA are also providing a unique opportunity for a few lucky WAYN members to stay for free at the world changer facility in Jo’burg, whilst also helping out as a volunteer to those in need in the local community. To find out more about this life-changing opportunity, click here

Realizing your Dreams

We’ve spent quite a lot of time over the past few months thinking through how we can help people to realize their dreams and help others realize theirs. This is our company vision and hopefully, we are one step closer in helping people to do this following last week’s release…

What would you love to do?

Building on the theme to share what you would love to do, we’ve created a fun widget on the homepage that allows you to share not only what you would love to do, but also, whether you have done it before, so that you help others to make it happen. Whether you want to create a bucket list of things that you would one day like to do, or an achievements list so that others can come to you for help – we hope that you will have some fun in sharing what you have done and what you have yet to accomplish.

It also allows you to share which destinations you’ve visited or would love to visit one day as well as what activities you like.

Once you’ve shared this, you can automatically see who else likes the same thing, or is in need of advice. For example, once you have stated that you like Entrepreneurship, you will be shown who else likes Entrepreneurship and be able to share your interest with them.

Once you’ve offered some help or advice or even shared your passion with others, you can make new friends and even be rewarded for your helpfulness, with other members being able to share whether you have been helpful or not. The most helpful members of that topic will always be shown at the top.

I am liking this…

Like on Facebook, you can also share whether you like a news entry from your friends or those entries you are subscribed to, and even comment on those entries to share what you think?

As you can see above, Jerome shared that he has been to Paphos, Cyprus, which I had no idea he had visited, and it’s one of the places that I would love to visit also. Now, I can easily add a comment to tell Jerome that I am keen on going one day, which will notify him of my interest and he can reply. I also like the fact that he wants to visit Morocco.

There are plenty of other changes on the site also, as well as more exciting changes to come. It would be great to hear from you if you have any feedback on some of the latest changes or whether you have any ideas on how we can improve things?

That’s enough from me for now, so back to work. I know what I’d love to do right now… and that is go to the world cup!! 😉


WAYN App (beta) now live on iTunes

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Hello everyone! After 5 days of holiday in sunny Cape Town, I just got back to London this morning and got the good surprise to see that our Application in partnership with Rummble has been approved and published on iTunes :)

The WAYN Application will allow you, in this first release, to essentially:

* Check your latest newsfeeds

* Check your messages and send messages to your friends on WAYN

* Browse photos and upload new ones

* Share your latest feeds based on What You Would Love To Do

* Check who is around you

* Places: a new addition in partnership with Rummble: the service is great in that it allows you to find out what’s around you: want to know that sushi bar that also has a wifi access within close proximity? Search for it via the Places section and the Application will return the closest matches, including user ratings and actual satellite positioning on the map!

There will be more refinements to this application such as bringing your Notifications and more services to come! So please check it out if you have an i-phone – its completely free of course :)