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Meeting like-minded people on WAYN to have a chat

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Hi folks,

I thought I’d give you a heads up on a new offering that we are launching tomorrow, which we are quite excited about. It is called “Meet People” and the idea is simple – we wanted to make it easier for people on WAYN who have mutual friends and things in common – to meet and have a chat.

One of the most unique things about WAYN is that we have a very friendly and welcoming community, who love to meet new people, wherever they are from. “Meet People” represents a fun and friendly way to do that, by indicating whether you would like to meet or chat with that person on WAYN.

If you select “Yes” and they say “Yes” also – you will have a match, which acts as a nice little ice-breaker to stimulate further conversation, which may lead to friendship, romance or even just a way to expand your network and help each other out.

With this release, you can also see not only what activities and locations you have in common – but also your dreams and achievements, thus providing users with even more ways to connect and find some common ground.

We’ve also made it easier for you to message people online, with a simple message entry field on the Who’s Around results list and people search results, as well as some tweaks to our new and improved WAYN Instant Messenger (WIM), which now shows your recent chat history and allows you to run multiple conversations at the same time.

Our eCards have also been spruced up, so now you can wish people well on their travels, show your appreciation or wish your WAYN friends well, in style. To check out our latest eCards, which are currently free to send, click here

Last but not least, we’ve also launched WAYN mobile apps on the iPhone and Android, which allow you to access WAYN on the go. Having worked on these with the help of Rummble, users can not only share what they would love to do and meet like minded people close-by, but they can also find places nearby that they like. we also have a new WAYN Game app coming out in a few days, so watch this space…

We hope you like some of the recent improvements and do give us your feedback on what you think we could improve, remove and add to the WAYN experience to better help you realize your dreams and meet people based on what you would love to do and where you would love to go.



Flash news – WAYN sees 66% growth in Ad Sales from last Q3

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all well. I am ‘chimping’ away from our Polish operations in¬†Szczecin with Pete as we review our Strategic roadmap and was pleased to confirm the last numbers for our last Quarterly results (Q3) which were up 66% from last year. This is great news as the work that we have put into our Premium Ad Sales channel is clearly paying off. The WAYN Platform now attracts major Travel and Tourism organisations worldwide such as Kenya, South Africa, Germany, Memphis, Texas, Orlando, Philadelphia, Montenegro, Tunisia, Canary Islands, Switzerland, St Martin Tourism Boards to name but a few.

Moving forward, we are intending to move faster in LATAM and Asia Pacific regions with more Sales Hires planned within the next few weeks. On the product front and further the latest update from Pete, there are some really exciting product developments as we are capturing more and more user data, especially with the introduction of ‘Dreams’ which since introduced last month has already seen over 100,000 data points collected.

Not only are we seeing strong traction with Tourism and Travel organisations, but the product refinements are also giving us a lot of excitement and confidence around further monetisation channels allowing companies to target users based on their next intended locations as well as their ideal activities (intentions broadcasting): this will be done via targeted offers.

Our Mobile channel is also on the up and the recent launch of our Application with Rummble will see further refinements and discussions are under way with larger Mobile platforms to increase our mobile penetration, especially in the emerging market regions so watch this space! :)

Finally, we are also very excited and pleased to announce our most recent partners who are now taking advantage of our platform:, Caribbean Connection, Radisson Blu Hotels,, and Easyvoyage

We are going to provide another update from our Polish operations later on this week so we will be back shortly :)

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