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Map Your Friends!

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Hi all! Hope you all have had a productive week and are ready to unwind and de-stress over the weekend :)

We have a very special blog entry this week as we take great pleasure in introducing WAYN’s long awaited application- Map Your Friends :) But as a little twist we’re going to allow the ‘man behind the app’- WAYN’s head honcho developer A.K.A Neo and Agent Smith from The Matrix rolled into one- Michal, to talk about it, together with what spurred him to develop it. Over to him then…

Hi guys- Michal here.

So to give you all a heads up on the app itself and the inspiration behind it…

One day some weeks ago, I was sharing a plate of code for lunch with my colleague Michael (the Morpheus to my Neo if you like- and yes, the WAYN developer team eats, sleeps, lives on computer code. In fact, you should think of us as lines of computer code 😉 ).

While we were feasting on spoonfuls of binary digits, we thought ‘wouldn’t it be nice to know how far each of our circles of friends extends geographically’. We wanted to picture where all our friends were throughout the globe in an instant; to plan our trips around where in the world we had friends to visit- to be able to really feel part of what we call the global village. And that’s when the Map Your Friends idea came to us.

Using the app, you will be able to see exactly how many people you are friends with in every country of the world- though of course it is only designed to show the friends you have in the ‘dream world’ 😉

It will help to provide inspiration for your next trip (which is exactly what WAYN helps you to do) and what’s more, the points you accumulate by mapping your friends will be able to give you some idea about how connected you are with the world. And as we all have friends not only on WAYN but on Facebook too, I made sure there was a Facebook compatible version as well :)

The app’s been doing great so far- over 20,000 users have populated their maps and shared it with 170,000 of their friends- with the most connected user having friends in an amazing 162 countries and 1104 towns!

So without further ado, I give you Map Your Friends (on WAYN & Facebook). Happy mapping!


P.s. Don’t stress if you encounter a few of those pesky bugs- they’re just glitches in the matrix that’s all 😉


or as he looks in computer code-


Monday, March 14th, 2011

Hello everyone,

It is with a sad heart that we write this entry. The earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan on Friday and that caused- and indeed continues to cause- death and destruction on an immense scale has caused a gloom to descend over WAYN HQ. Events such as this always put one’s life into perspective- indeed it makes daily hurdles at work seem trivial.

On behalf of the whole WAYN team, we want to express our sincere condolences to the people of Japan and indeed any WAYN members who may have been affected by this tragedy. We’re sure we speak for the whole WAYN community when we say that our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan during this trying time.

Jerome, Peter and Mike

A short trip down memory lane…

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Hello WAYNers, hope you are all having a smashing week!

Here at WAYN HQ, we’re still all guns blazing with the updated site and making sure it works exactly how it’s supposed to.

Most of you would of course be aware of the site improvements we’ve launched in the last week; but something we are especially excited about is the ‘WAYN popularity meter’ :)

The meter has a simple yet powerful function: to measure the popularity of each member and assign a ‘popularity status’ (Low, Medium, High or Hot) depending on that member’s interaction with others and his/her overall activity on WAYN. It therefore has the specific goals of ensuring, 1) you know the most popular people on WAYN and, 2) you meet as many people as possible, because the higher your popularity status is, the more people will see your profile when they search for others to interact with. So check out the Popularity Page and get your popularity meter boiling over!

And we continue our refinements to the Destinations and Activities pages. As you all well know, WAYN’s mission is to be able to connect its members to others who share their dream destinations and activities. The latest improvements to the pages (see below) take us a step closer to this goal and with more improvements on the way, its certain there’ll be no better way to share your passions and dreams with others :)

Of course we’re always open to incorporating new ideas, so if there’s something you think will work great on the site, outline it in an email to Our product development team are not one to shirk from a challenge! :)

Speaking of challenges, this most recent site upgrade has reminded us of the many (MANY!) challenges that have come our way since we started in 2002. It certainly does seem like it was ages ago when it was just the three of us, WAYN HQ was the basement of Mike’s house, and the site looked like this:

Anyone remember seeing that as their homepage? You’d certainly have to agree that WAYN has come some way since then 😉

And speaking of going some way, just as WAYN has ‘grown up’, its founders have too!

J & Pete in 2002

Pete, J & Mike today

My, haven’t we grown! 😉 Pete especially will be aware of this fact as he faces up to another of life’s challenges later this year… marriage!

Think that’s enough nostalgia for one blog entry! Now back to work 😉

The WAYN Founders