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Friday, April 15th, 2011

Hi everyone- its Friday! :)

This week gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Lidia, who not only is WAYN’s marketing guru but is a self-professed ‘WAYN-o-holic’, forever professing her love for WAYN in slightly eccentric ways (see profile pic below). Take it away Lidia…

Hello WAYNers, Lidia here- hope you’ve all had a great week! :)

I work in the marketing department, which enables me to combine my- as mentioned, avid love for WAYN 😉 and also my many travel interests. One of my responsibilities therefore (which I truly love) is to bring you the inside track on the latest best travel offers, deals and destinations, in a very handy pack to read– our monthly WAYN Newsletter.

To me April is invariably the time of the year when thoughts turn to the promise of summer holidays, realized in longer spring days, glorious blue-sky mornings and the announcement of ‘SUMMER HOLIDAY’ opportunities (woop woop!). Whether you are looking for insider tips on destinations to visit, finding a hotel, flight or even rent a car, I am the one to ensure your plans are never short of extraordinary! Promise :) So if you haven’t already, sign up and get access to some really great stuff.

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do it all myself, which is where another self professed WAYN-o-holic- Dagmara- comes in! She is in charge of picking the member who will feature in each newsletter- so if you fancy a go as our very special featured member, drop her an email at – she’s very much looking forward to receiving your emails:

As for myself, don’t let the ‘post-it’ fool you, my love for WAYN does not get in the way of spotting the very best deals out there 😉

Lidia xxx

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Hello again everyone and hope you all have a nice weekend planned :) Continuing the tradition of introducing you to the team behind WAYN, today we have Naresh sharing some interesting ‘facts’ about his life… Enjoy 😉

Hi all,

My name is Naresh. I’m Sri Lankan, having lived in London since 2002, barring a brief period of time when I was abducted by extra-terrestrials, who contrary to what you’d expect, did not carry out any experiments or tests on me. [In fact, from what I can tell, they have absolutely no interest in the human race whatsoever, barring an unhealthy fascination for the utterly confounding sport that is cricket- which, being Sri Lankan I can of course relate to, and was in fact the only reason I was abducted].

Apart from cricket then, I spend my days taking care of WAYN’s public relations as well as its market research department, and my nights training a little chimpanzee who I call Naresh-v2 who will hopefully be able to impersonate me so perfectly I would be able to be at two places at the same time. Or failing which, help me rob a bank or something. If any of you are fans of WAYN’s Facebook fan page and Twitter feed, then I suppose I should come clean that it is indeed sometimes Naresh-v2 who’s updating both.

On a serious note, I do indeed feel quite privileged to be a part of WAYN, as I do hope to one day see the whole world. At the moment, my dream destination is Zanzibar in Tanzania, but in a few weeks I’m visiting Toronto in Canada. If anyone has any tips for visiting either place, please get in touch with me via WAYN or twitter (where I tweet as @NareshdeSilva). Alternatively of course, you can get in touch with my trusty chimpanzee who tweets as @chimpmyride 😉

Bye folks,


Friday, April 1st, 2011

Hi everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed Michal’s entry last week talking about his pet project Map Your Friends– have you done so yet? 😉

So, spurred on by that success, we’ve decided to get as many of the people behind WAYN introducing themselves to you our members. And this week we’ve got the sole representative from our New York office, Mike Geer, telling you exactly what he is about, and more importantly his current projects on WAYN. Mike is equal parts New Yorker and Irish- which means nothing agitates him (‘FOGEDDABODDIT!’) and he plays a mean tune on the fiddle :) Anyway, over to him…

Hey Wayners!

People call me MG. I’m an internet addict and, as has been reported, I do eat computer code for breakfast. Although unfortunately, I can’t cook my own code for myself, so I need people to cook it for me. Hmm, maybe it’s best to leave this analogy here.

I am a hardcore realist and I like to bring that realism to the internet and to the WAYN website and its members (you!). I have been working hard with the WAYN team to enhance all the WAYN members’ lives in a real way.

The world was a big place before the internet, but now with the power and connections we have, we are able to make this world of ours smaller and even more interesting than before. Here at WAYN we want to bring the whole world to you. We want to allow you to directly meet the people from the city or country you’re dreaming about. If you like Madrid, Spain, then you can meet other Wayners from Madrid! If you want to then visit them, we’ll find you the cheapest and coolest way to get there! If you want to know the greatest restaurants or bars or landmarks to check out, then you can directly ask other members that live right there and almost instantly get a reply! My job is to make you see more and more of this brought alive to you!

The world is made up of people. People just like you. Now you can meet the people just like you from any place in the world, right here on WAYN and then in real life!

I want to make your experience on WAYN more real than ever before. In the next few months, the WAYN team and I will do just that.

Happy Travels!