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WAYN Tips and Q&A!

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Hi again everyone,

Hope you have all been keeping well! The sun’s finally shinning on WAYN HQ in London- hope it is wherever you are reading this too :)

Sorry for the lengthy break from my last entry- as usual, work and travel (business and personal :)) got in the way: recently Ive had the pleasure of visiting Ukraine and Italy, and even spent time with our wonderful team in Poland, which is always a blast (see the pic below)!

In the meantime, as Im sure WAYN members are aware, the whole team has been hard at work on our latest offering- WAYN Tips. We realised some time ago that our 17 million travel and lifestyle savvy members are full of ideas and opinions on any and everything- whether it be the best beach in Thailand, the best street market in Moscow, how to cook an authentic Hungarian Goulash or even how to ‘make it’ in Hollywood! So we decided to let them have an outlet to relive their travel tales and make lifestyle recommendations through Tips.

Alternatively, if you are instead on the lookout for inspiration, you can now send out a question or a request to those of our members ‘in the know’ so you can have advice ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ in no time!

We’ve been encouraged with the enthusiasm with which members have shared their recommendations and helped others make the most of their upcoming trips and the activities they pursue- testament to the truly positive and communal vibe within the WAYN community. Of course with any new innovation, improvement comes from experience, so we’ll be tweaking the service in the coming weeks in order to ensure it works to the best of its ability.

So what are you waiting for- go to your WAYN homepage and share the knowledge!

Bye for now!