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Friday, April 20th, 2012

Hey guys!

It’s Pete taking over the blog today. We’ve had an exceptionally busy start to 2012, with lots of exciting, new ventures planned for the year ahead which we’ll keep you updated on as and when.

I was keen to share with you some incredible figures we released in March when we reported a huge 500% increase in visits to the site. To put this in context, at the same time last year we were clocking in at 4.5 million visits a month, while this year we saw an increase in visits to the site to an astonishing 23 million!  With users of over 19 million members globally WAYN is continuing to grow whereby enabling members to share their experiences and aspirations.

Our good news was picked up by Tnooz, the travel and technology website

We were also pleased to be included in Daily Tekks list of over 100 Top Travel Websites; you can check it out here:

Over the next few weeks we will be submitting a number of blog posts on the most desired destinations, according to WAYN members, which we hope will be helpful when it comes to planning your trips away for the remainder of the year.

As always we are keen to hear your feedback, we attribute our continued success to the fact that we listen to what our users want and are constantly striving to improve, so any feedback do let us know!

Take care and speak soon,