WAYN Hackathon

There is much excitement in the office today as the Szczecin office holds its very own Hackathon.

The term Hackathon describes an event where members of a company – not only the developers, but anyone who has a tiniest idea of how to improve a site – get together and brainstorm ideas that will result in new features for a website or programme. We are hoping that the Hackathon will serve the foundation for some great ideas from all members of staff, not just developers! It has certainly got everyone’s creative juices flowing and is providing a great forum for ideas. Those clever people in the Szczecin office are throwing around their ideas as we speak, developing them together, to produce exciting new things for WAYN.com.

A Hackathon is a is a great way to bring and try(!) new ideas from people who normally just implement things coming from other people.

As you can imagine, the talented and creative bunch in the Szczecin office have come up with some wonderful ideas that will bring new and exciting things to the WAYN community.

The ideas generated from the Hackathon may well be put into practice over the coming months so keep your eyes peeled!

If you have any ideas of your own then please do let us know – we’re always keen to hear from our members :)

Best wishes,

The WAYN team

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