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Two weeks ago Peter Ward, co-founder and co-CEO of WAYN, embarked on trip to Israel which was organised by Alex Hoye and Josh March co-founders and committee members of the ICE (International Conclave of Entrepreneurs) community of which Peter is also a co-founder and committee member. I caught up with him to find out more about ICE, the aim of the trip to Israel and his highlights…

“The trip was organised by ICE, a community of entrepreneurs, the ethos of the group is to help one another to build relationships, share knowledge and learn from one another. The group is unique in that it is inherently social; we have previously been on a number of informal trips abroad all of which have provided priceless opportunities to network and build relationships. As a founding member I am passionate about ensuring that the ethos of the community remains the same as when it was set up. We aim ensure that the group stays within the Dunbar number of 150 to enable the group to retain strong bonds”

The most recent trip was to Israel which included a jam packed itinerary of meetings with Israeli entrepreneurs and concluded with a visit to meet the President, which was Peter said, for him, was by far the highlight of the trip

“Meeting the president was an amazing and highly inspiring moment. I asked him which leader has inspired him the most, to which he responded David Ben-Gurion, the founder and first Prime Minister of Israel. The president spoke about the principles of leadership and how a leader is there to serve rather than dictate. Interestingly he also stated that the current way in which government’s communicate and organise people is outmoded and he highlighted the need for this to change with the advent of new technology. He said that it was essential that governments become more in touch with people in order to serve them better.”

As well as having the opportunity to meet the president and the British Ambassador, the group was able to meet with Israeli entrepreneurs which has led to ideas being shared, meetings set up in London and new relationships formed.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to the British ambassador and everyone who sponsored the trip and made it possible. The trip demonstrated to me the importance of entrepreneurs working together and having the power to transform communities through economic empowerment. My hope is that the Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs can find a way to collaborate to foster opportunities, engagement and empowerment in both countries”

The trip was covered in the following publications:

This post was written by Becky Starr, PR Manager at WAYN

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