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Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Hi WAYNers!

Hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to the holiday season.

Sorry it has been so long since our last update, but it’s because we’we’ve been busy working on something which we think is going to get all of you very excited.

Have you ever been at an event with your friends or family, and each of you is taking photos on different phones and cameras? How do you get all the photos taken together in one place, so that it can be shared privately with everyone at the event?

Well, we’ve been thinking about this problem a lot recently, and we decided to do something about. Say hello to !

Momendary is Shared Albums. Simplified.

momendary img

All you have to do is create a shared album, add your photos and invite others to contribute to it. You can then use Momendary to keep track of all those special moments with others, and see everyone’s photos in one place.

We’ve launched Momendary just in time for the holiday season, so you can create a shared album for the office party with your colleagues, or a family album shared privately with your loved ones.

We hope you like it! Check out Momendary now!

Happy Holidays!

The WAYN Team

An Insight into

Monday, January 18th, 2010

There has been a lot of hype as of late (and particularly at Le Web) on the latest services allowing real time information and particularly amongst real time search engines which aggregate your social feeds from various platforms. FriendFeed being an example (and acquired last year by Facebook)

Today, I wanted to go through a recently launched site – – a company based in London with an engineering  office in Ankara (Turkey). I have actually personally invested in the business (I should disclose this and be upfront) and what particularly fascinates me about the company is not only their great platform and what it already delivers and promises to – but also the true passion and great energy from their CEO and Founder Geoffrey McCaleb – they recently close on $200,000 of funding and have shown great momentum since going live just a few weeks ago. Let’s take a closer look…

Nsyght is a twitter and Facebook web client that allows you to aggregate, share, and search a users social graph in real time. Nsyght is similar to other aggregators like Friendfeed and Cliqset, however it was primarily designed to allow users to use nsyght alongside their primary social networks, instead of seeking to be an outright replacement. Nsyght integrates with a number of difference services today like Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Vimeo, Delicious, and, and plan to add more over the coming weeks.

The primary goal of nsyght is to allow users to keep in touch with their social graph – saving them having to log onto many services every day just to keep in touch. A social graph is not just a collection of friends or people you follow on one service, it covers your collective friends across all services that you use. So by providing powerful searching tools nsyght can give users the ability to actually find things of interest – even if they have a fairly active graph on Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Also, nsyght works really hard to add context to the real time stream along. Users can see photos and videos inline, view threaded discussions (even if that discussion did not take place on nsyght), simple facility to post, share/retweet and reply. Also users have the ability to filter their personal real time stream by video/photo, service, someone they follow, or even tag and search term.

Part of the power of social media is the ability to collaborate and share with a wide group of people. But, how many discussion are missed due to the speed of the real time web? Take this typical twitter entry:


10 minutes of what? Is she a masseuse? Chiropractor? Mechanic? With the context available from this entry, who knows? But with nsyght, they bring that context directly to you, so you can see the discussion thread from the very beginning:


Not only do we learn that Jeff Pulver is organizing a #140conf meetup in Chicago, but we can see that Liz is not a personal trainer, but a speaker! All this context would easily be lost in the real time firehose.

So context is great, but if you have an active social graph, all the context in the world will lock you away from “discovery” if not for search. This is where nsyght really shines. Unlike other aggregation services, the search is very flexible and can deliver complex search results even on “real time” data. Take the following example, a search for Google’s recent “Nexus One” phone, but here, we can filter the results to just show discussions:


If this is a topic that interests you, instead of just interacting with your direct friends you can actually go beyond your circle and interact with a wide variety of people based on your mutual interest in the Nexus One. Don’t just passively sit back and watch your real time firehose, actually roll up your sleeves and get involved, collaborate, keep in touch, and discover.

Nsyght offers some very neat Features:

  • Web app for twitter and Facebook
  • Support for multiple networks: Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Vimeo, Stumbleupon, Flickr,, and Delicious
  • Search your friends in real time – Update/Post, search, and filter your own personal firehose
  • Easily RT/share things you find with your graph from twitter or even from other social services
  • View discussions in threaded form and are searchable
  • Updates appear and are posted in real time
  • View videos and thumbnails inline and are searchable
  • Be notified via email when someone replies to you, even if the reply came from twitter
  • Register and login with your twitter or Facebook account

There is also a screencast here for more information: Screencast:

It will be interesting to see how these guys progress in the coming months, but thus far, it looks very encouraging – especially when comparing with the landscale as per below (source: Alexa / Quanticast / Crunchbase)

Nsyght competitive landscape