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WAYN Users say YES to the new WAYN Design

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Hi everyone, I thought you would like to know that following a recent survey conducted on WAYN about the new design, 80% of the 5,500 users who participated in this global survey said they thought the site was now a lot easier to use whilst only 4% disliked the new changes – 2189 out of the 5,500 recognished the changes as real improvements whilst 2,794 said they absolutely loved the new site. 

 You will see the full results of the survey below. It is great to see that these changes are widely supported even if we know that some users dislike some of the changes that were made. Please know that we are however still working through more and more improvements to make WAYN an even better place to be.



WAYN gets best review on Web User and CNET

Friday, May 29th, 2009

We were very pleased to hear that WAYN got reviewed as best design site on Web User Magazine, one of the largest Web magazine in the UK – with a 5 stars out of 5!! as mentioned in article:

“Popular Travel community WAYN (Where Are You Now) has undergone a radical transformation. Its cluttered old design has been ditched in favour of a more spacious and streamlined layout, which makes the browsing much less overwhelming. Most notably, there’s an increased emphasis on Lifestyle and social-networking elements in the vein of Facebook and Twitter…WAYN remains free to use and, with 15 million members worldwide, is now an even better place to connect with like-minded people”

Here is a screenshot of the review:


On top of that, we got even more pleased when realising that CNET chose WAYN as the top vacation online sharing site!! As written by Don Reisinger, a Technology columnist:

WAYN WAYN (Where Are You Now?) is a well-designed, highly detailed site that combines social networking with travel in a package that’s second to none. When you want to share your vacation experience, you can upload pictures, input what you’re doing at any moment with a Twitter-like service, and blog about your travels. You can also post videos of where you’ve been. But it’s the site’s design that makes it outstanding. It’s clean and intuitive. I was quite impressed”

Here is a link to the article: ”” 

These are great news for us as we spent the last few months working on this new design based on user’s feedback – and whilst we appreciate that we will never be able to satisfy everybody, we are glad to start off from a brand new base which step by step, should lead to greater usage and easier navigation throughout the site.  We are now in the process of refining the site even further as we do appreciate that some things need to be done better, just like our photos section which we know has many flaws! More work for us clearly :)

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