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A Big Release and many long hours

Friday, December 5th, 2008

After a long week in Poland, it finally looks like our first main Release will be ready on time, this Sunday December 7th 2008 – its a sizable change on WAYN with a lot of new services / products which we hope will enhance user’s interaction within the community – time will tell!  

Peter, Maartje and I from the London office therefore spent some fairly long hours in our second operation in Szczecin, Poland – where we spent most of the time playing with the latest beta version and refining the product.  I have never seen our guys so tired, especially Marcin Korzonek, our Database Guru, in the video below:

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But Marcin wasnt the only one to look pale – even if Michal and Piotr did quite a good job at showing off their confidence 😉

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