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Croatia celebrates winning award for “Top Heritage Site in the World” as voted by WAYN members.

Monday, December 16th, 2013

16th December 2013 – WAYN, the largest travel and lifestyle social media platform in the world, today announced the winner of the Top 7 Heritage Sites competition.

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia took the top spot with 6,413 votes, in second place was Himeji Castle in Japan which received 5,121 votes and in third place was the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, which had 4,468 votes.

Jerome Touze Co-Founder of said: “Many congratulations to Croatia for winning this accolade. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is the most popular tourist attraction in Croatia and the oldest national park in south-east Europe. It is an inspiring and beautiful UNESCO world heritage site and clearly won the hearts and minds of WAYN members.”

He added: “Thank you to all of our users who took part and took the time to put Croatia in the spotlight for its world heritage site. Nearly 28,000 people voted but Plitvice Lakes was the clear winner.” There were 7 world heritage sites included in the competition, which also featured Moray, Peru, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia and Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

The sites were selected through a combination of market research data and tracking user engagement on The competition has its own micro-site available under and members have had the chance to win Amazon vouchers in return for their voting efforts.

Tonko Rilovic, UK and Ireland Director for the Croatian National Tourist office, said: “It is an honour to win this international competition against other amazing world heritage sites. We are absolutely delighted and would like to say a big thank you to all WAYN members for choosing Plitvice Lakes National Park as the ultimate winner. We look forward to welcoming you to the jewel in Croatia’s crown soon.”


Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Hi WAYNers!

Hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to the holiday season.

Sorry it has been so long since our last update, but it’s because we’we’ve been busy working on something which we think is going to get all of you very excited.

Have you ever been at an event with your friends or family, and each of you is taking photos on different phones and cameras? How do you get all the photos taken together in one place, so that it can be shared privately with everyone at the event?

Well, we’ve been thinking about this problem a lot recently, and we decided to do something about. Say hello to !

Momendary is Shared Albums. Simplified.

momendary img

All you have to do is create a shared album, add your photos and invite others to contribute to it. You can then use Momendary to keep track of all those special moments with others, and see everyone’s photos in one place.

We’ve launched Momendary just in time for the holiday season, so you can create a shared album for the office party with your colleagues, or a family album shared privately with your loved ones.

We hope you like it! Check out Momendary now!

Happy Holidays!

The WAYN Team

WAYN reveals the top seven dream destinations in the world!

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Hi guys,

We’re excited to announce that WAYN has revealed the top seven dream destinations in the world as chosen by our 21 million users worldwide. The destinations will fight it out for pole position in a user vote this month.

seven dream destinationsThe seven global hot spots are Indonesia, Fiji, South Africa, Dubai, India, Brazil and Turkey.  The nominated destinations (both cities and countries) were selected by employing a combination of market research data and tracking user engagement on

“Most recently, India saw an increase number of interest, both for business and leisure travels in destinations such as Delhi, Punjab, Uttrakhand and Kashmir” said Jerome Touze, co-founder of

He added: ‘’Brazil was also voted favorite destinations in Latin America, with 40% of respondents from a panel of 38,000 users saying it would be their first choice in South America. It will be interesting to see which destination ends up number one but being nominated in the top seven is already a great recognition of the work these destinations are doing’’

Dubai is in a very strong position with over 10 million tourists having travelled there in 2012, its highest ever annual visitor figure. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) revealed a 9.3% increase in the number of visitors to the Emirate in 2012.

Our 21 million users will have the chance to vote for their favourite destination in the next two weeks, out of the seven listed, with prizes up for grabs for those who vote. Additionally, each nominee will receive US$70,000 of marketing promotion globally, out of a US$500,000 marketing contribution from Where Are You Now Ltd.

Touze said ‘I’m extremely excited about this campaign. We are in a unique position whereby we have data on over 21 million users in over 193 countries who communicate regularly with one another about their trip plans – where in the world they want to go and what they want to do when they get there… Going forward, we intend to roll out more leading award recognitions for the travel and tourism industry, so watch this space! ’

An exclusive microsite has been developed for the campaign, which goes live today. The nominated destinations will receive exposure on WAYN, media coverage and further market research insight for their destinations.

WAYN has recently undergone a complete transformation of its platform, generating over 70,000 tips, reviews, trips and activities daily. The site partners with over 50 global tourist boards, airlines, hotels and travel operators as partners and has become one of the world’s leading platforms for driving user engagement and influencing travel decisions.




Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

 18 February 2013: WAYN, the world’s largest travel and lifestyle social network that re-launched last week, has some good news for lovebirds recovering from Valentine’s Day: the majority of 15,310 of the website’s members polled this month claim they would never cheat on their partner. The survey questioned WAYN users in 176 countries and the results suggest that French and Italian men are more likely to cheat than their British neighbours, and most people regard sending flirty texts as worse than sharing emotional closeness.

Almost half of Italian men claimed to have cheated on their partner – with more admitting to multiple cheats than a one-off. In France, over 30% of men responded to say they had cheated on their partner at least once. Closer to home, women can take heart, perhaps, that 73% of men in the UK said they had never cheated.

But beware those of you who have strayed as the survey shows that 32% of people would never forgive their partner if they cheated, while 56% would forgive but never forget.

Peter Ward, Co-founder of WAYN, said: “Our survey proves that it if you stray from your partner whether through sex texting, kissing or confiding emotionally, you’re unlikely to be forgiven, so it’s best to avoid straying if you value your relationship!”

The majority of respondents claim to be faithful and believe their partner to be, too. However, once cheated upon – four times as many men admit to it than women – many seek revenge, and whilst some have taken the extreme step of cutting up their partner’s clothes, most of the broken hearted find that breaking up to move on is the best step.

The survey revealed that partners should perhaps be most wary when their lover travels abroad for business or on holiday, as more than half of respondents admit they’d consider cheating when in a different country. And bad news for ladies: 48% of men claim they would cheat while on a stag do…their own or a friend’s!

Ward said: “Our light-hearted survey suggests that people around the world have different attitudes to fidelity in relationships, with the Latin lovers of Europe living up to their lothario reputations and flirty texts being seen as more of a betrayal than sharing emotional closeness. Here at WAYN travellers love sharing views – whether about relationships, cultural nuances, business etiquette or specific events and locations – and as a result benefit from gaining a global perspective.”


WAYN on Intruders TV

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Hi everyone, hope you are well!

As I attended the Microsoft  BizSpark conference last week, I got the opportunity of delivering a speech alongside James Caan from Dragons Den as well as Richard Moross from Moo cards as well as an interview with the guys at Intruders TV 

In this interview, I shared the insights and challenges facing our company and some insights on how we took our sales team in-house after long term outsourcing to agencies and why taking feedback from ‘your elders and your betters’ is worthwhile and how to tailor ad engagements to generate strong participation from your community and value for your advertisers.

You can see the interview here:

Speak soon!