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Flash news – WAYN sees 66% growth in Ad Sales from last Q3

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all well. I am ‘chimping’ away from our Polish operations in Szczecin with Pete as we review our Strategic roadmap and was pleased to confirm the last numbers for our last Quarterly results (Q3) which were up 66% from last year. This is great news as the work that we have put into our Premium Ad Sales channel is clearly paying off. The WAYN Platform now attracts major Travel and Tourism organisations worldwide such as Kenya, South Africa, Germany, Memphis, Texas, Orlando, Philadelphia, Montenegro, Tunisia, Canary Islands, Switzerland, St Martin Tourism Boards to name but a few.

Moving forward, we are intending to move faster in LATAM and Asia Pacific regions with more Sales Hires planned within the next few weeks. On the product front and further the latest update from Pete, there are some really exciting product developments as we are capturing more and more user data, especially with the introduction of ‘Dreams’ which since introduced last month has already seen over 100,000 data points collected.

Not only are we seeing strong traction with Tourism and Travel organisations, but the product refinements are also giving us a lot of excitement and confidence around further monetisation channels allowing companies to target users based on their next intended locations as well as their ideal activities (intentions broadcasting): this will be done via targeted offers.

Our Mobile channel is also on the up and the recent launch of our Application with Rummble will see further refinements and discussions are under way with larger Mobile platforms to increase our mobile penetration, especially in the emerging market regions so watch this space! :)

Finally, we are also very excited and pleased to announce our most recent partners who are now taking advantage of our platform:, Caribbean Connection, Radisson Blu Hotels,, and Easyvoyage

We are going to provide another update from our Polish operations later on this week so we will be back shortly :)

Safe Travels

Introducing Icon Ibiza as our new VIP partner & 27 million visits in the last 60 days!

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well! It has been a few weeks since I last posted on here and thought I would give an update on some of our latest developments!

The last month will have been a very busy one at WAYN HQ having launched a new venture ( which saw already nearly 6,000 singles joining and we have only put the site live 2 weeks ago so this is definitely a great start! If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, please do so here:

WAYN is still growing with thousands of  you joining us each day and Jan and February will have seen a record of over 27 million visits to – an astonishing number! Our latest release went live last week with our new ‘Intentions Broadcasting’ project, allowing users to share what they would love to do and meet other WAYN users who share the same interests. We are going to keep on refining the offering in the next few weeks so please watch this space! We are also about to announce our new Iphone Application which is about to go live imminently, another exciting time for us and the community :)

Finally, I thought I would also share you with that we have recently brought on a new Partner to our VIP Club:  Icon Ibiza. Icon Ibiza is offering WAYN VIP’s tailor-made solutions to suit your every Ibiza holiday need. Whether you’re interested in finding the perfect sunset villa or getting VIP access to Pacha, Icon Ibiza can help.

VIP members will receive:

  • Up to 50% off on Villas and access to the best hotels
  • Bookings at exclusive restaurants and beach resorts/clubs
  • Guest list entry / VIP access to the island’s top club nights
  • Concessions on Booking VIP tables
  • Concessions on Party Entry for guests
  • Concessions on limos, hummers and luxury airport pick-up

To celebrate the new partnership, they will give one lucky VIP member the opportunity to experience the stylish and on the go lifestyle of Ibiza – the ultimate Ibiza experience for you and a friend…

The Icon Ibiza VIP Treatment Experience will include:

– Two flights from Europe to Ibiza,
– VIP airport pick up,
– Five nights hotel (four star Hotel Garbi),
– Lunch at Nassau and Sands,
– Sunset dinner at Café Mambo,
– Club entry at Space, Pacha and Amnesia

We hope you will enjoy the benefits and for more information on Icon Ibiza, please visit their profile here:


Many thanks and safe travels!


Last post of 2009 – updates and best wishes for 2010!

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Dear all, i hope you are well! So this will clearly be our last blog update for this year which will have been a busy one for us – many things have changed (for the best) at WAYN HQ, from a new site design, enhanced functionalities, a refocus on our global strategy and increased penetration in the Tourism and Travel industry where we have gained major accounts with Tourism Boards. But 2009 will have been a year where we will have spent most of our time listening to our users, and collecting as much feedback as we possibly could. We have improved the user interface of the site and have added many functionalities enabling richer interaction within the community. Our latest addition, “Activities” is testament of that. Users can now not only plan where they want to go but also express what they are into and meet fellow WAYN members based on similar interest:


Since launched on December 4th, the rise has been spectacular, with more activities being added day by day, up to 35,000 activities being added daily as of late.

activities daily

We are going to add more functionalities to this service in the coming weeks to refine the product even further and allowing users to better see the “matches” they have with other users!

But 2009 will have also been a year of focus on our VIP Club – we have been working hard to bring more Lifestyle benefits to our VIP members by signing up key Global Partners and more are about to be announced by the end of January 2010 so watch this space! So far, VIP Members can benefit from:

  • Exclusive access to Quintessentially Membership and win the James Bond 007 experience
  • Free Global SIM Card – no more roaming fees on your phone when you travel abroad
  • Auto upgrade on Car Hires worldwide with Hertz
  • Free Lifestyle Card (worth £10) offering cheap travel money
  • Send 100 Free International SMS per month
  • See who likes you and others (New Feature)
  • Unlimited standard Gifts, Super Rates and Say Hello’s
  • Stand out from the crowd on search results
  • Browse in secret and create private forums
  • See who has read your messages
  • Customize your WAYN experience (turn off advertising and customised profile skins)

As we realise that our VIP offering needs to be increasingly more compelling, we will be adding a number of benefits to our Lifestyle and Travel VIP Club which money simply can’t buy!

We are equally pleased to see the great growing trend in registrations – with more and more accounts being created every day – there are now nearly 10,000 of you joining the community each day, from over 193 countries – WAYN keeps growing and that’s the way we like it!

New Accounts on WAYN

There is clearly plenty of exciting stuff coming up in 2010 which we will be announcing very shortly but for now, we would like to thank you for all the support you have given us throughout the year and would like to send you all our very best wishes for 2010!

Jerome, Pete, Mike